Turn Your Customers Into Your Very Own Salespeople

sales referral training techniquesNo matter what business you’re in, having satisfied and happy customers provides you with many benefits. Utilizing them as personal references is without doubt one of the best sales techniques you can use to help you sell more of your products or services. It’s crucial for everyone in sales to invest time with their customers to ensure they are deriving the full value and benefits they expected to get when they made their initial investment with your company. By doing so, you are likely to develop those satisfied customers into reference accounts which will help you to significantly increase your sales.

What does a reference account do for you? A quality reference will spend time with your prospects explaining, and often demonstrating, the way you and your products solved their specific problem. They are able to also explain the unique ways that their company implemented your products, the processes they followed, and also the resources they utilized for their project. They typically share what worked for them with their real-world situation. This helps your prospect to better realize and appreciate the way your solution can help them solve their problem.

Happy customers are glad to help you sell. Once you have invested some time and provided demonstrable value to your customers, they will likely reciprocate to not only assist you, but they’ll also take pride in how they solved their problem and will want to share their success by telling others both in and out of their company.

The effective use of references as part of your sales campaign will offer numerous benefits including:

  • A far more efficient and cheaper approach than traditional sales methods. Utilizing positive referrals is definitely an invaluable tool that will help you boost your sales, particularly when compared to other more complex, time consuming, and expensive methods such as cold calling, product trials, or advertising.
  • Providing instant credibility for you and your company. Getting your prospect to speak to or meet with your reference account verifies the solution you are offering with real life and practical examples.
  • Validation of what has worked for others. Many companies have common problems and challenges. Your prospects will want to understand how others have addressed and solved the very same issues in order to avoid reinventing the wheel.
  • Addressing your prospects internal purchasing requirements. Many companies are required to meet with or speak to several other organizations that have implemented the same product or solution before they make a purchase, in order to mitigate their risk.

As you can see, by establishing your reference account base, you can substantially increase your future sales by leveraging your past successes with very powerful referrals from your happy customers.

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