How To Be A Top Sales Manager Starting Today

Sales manager training tipsManaging a successful sales team is no easy task. You have limited control over what your sales reps do, and yet your career and financial well being is largely based on their individual success and accomplishments. The best and most successful sales managers possess common traits and utilize proven techniques to enable them to consistently outperform their peers. Continue reading “How To Be A Top Sales Manager Starting Today”

How To Turn Your Worst Customers Into Your Best Ones

reference selling tipsOften times in sales, you inherit an exceptionally challenging customer that had a bad experience with your company, and therefore refuses to do any new business with you. Usually, 20% of your customers will generate 80% of your revenue, so your natural tendency is to focus your time and energy on your best customers; to keep them, nourish them, and encourage them to keep buying more from you. That’s great. Continue reading “How To Turn Your Worst Customers Into Your Best Ones”

Increase Your Sales Performance With Better Forecasting Accuracy

sales and selling strategiesMany sales people struggle with accurately forecasting and ultimately closing their deals and many times never find out the reason why they failed. There are plenty of reasons why some deals will never close, and because some sales reps do not effectively qualify their opportunities, they continue to waste precious time. Continue reading “Increase Your Sales Performance With Better Forecasting Accuracy”

The True Secret to Successful Selling

Probably the most important and fundamental element for virtually every sales professional, is to understand the priorities their customer has. Priorities in virtually any company typically relate to the business drivers and corporate strategy established by the executive management team, the chief executive officer, or even the board of directors.
Those priorities trickle down throughout the company into departmental initiatives. Once you understand their priorities and initiatives, you can figure out how your products could facilitate a faster time to resolution. Continue reading “The True Secret to Successful Selling”

Top 10 Strategies to Guarantee Successful Executive Sales Meetings

Successful Sales MeetingsMany sales people waste time with people that are not empowered to decide on or purchase the products or services they sell. Meeting with the right senior executives is one of the best sales techniques you can use to accelerate your time to success with your customers. Therefore, its critical to ensure that each of these meetings are productive and prove to be valuable for the executives you meet with. Continue reading “Top 10 Strategies to Guarantee Successful Executive Sales Meetings”