Salesman’s Best Friend: Effective Time Management

time management for sales peopleHave you ever been in the middle of something important and someone walks into your work space and disrupts what you were doing? It happens to everyone and at times it’s hard to tell that person that you really can’t talk with them. If you politely let them know that your in the middle of something important and you will get back to them at the end of the day, they will get it and let you continue with what you were doing.

Effective time management can be the distinguishing factor between a very successful sales professional and literally a very poor one. It’s easy to be consumed with work or unwanted interruptions that will occupy your time. During the day, sales reps are bombarded from all directions with requests from their customers and administrative tasks from their managers and others. For example, reading email, working on account plans, forecasting, and sales training can occupy a substantial amount of time during the day if you let it.

However, many of those tasks will not bring you any closer to actually closing your deals and exceeding your sales goals and should be performed before or after prime time selling hours when you should be in front of your customers either prospecting for new business, qualifying a new opportunity, or more importantly trying to close your deals.

One of the simplest ways to be sure that you complete the most important tasks is to make a list before your day starts and check off each item as you complete it. Stay focused on finishing your list and don’t go home until you do. Be sensitive to when your clients are available for prospecting calls and setting appointments and leverage that time. Don’t let yourself be interrupted or distracted by others that want to chat during your day. It’s easy for people to steal your precious time if you let them.

A simple sales tip to follow is to ask yourself periodically during the day whether or not what you are working on at that moment will help you close a deal within the month or quarter you are focused on. If the answer is “no”, stop what you are doing, and move on to a more productive sales related activity that will.

If you follow this simple sales technique, you will spend your time and efforts on sales related tasks which in turn will help you to boost your sales performance.

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