Accelerate Your Sales With Partners

Selling tips for using partners to grow salesAre you facing any of these major obstacles with your customers where you have the potential to sell your products or services?

  • You are heavily invested in a sales campaign that has stalled and you don’t know why
  • You acquired a new account and you’re unaware of their priorities and challenges
  • There are no executive relationships to speak of
  • Your company is considered an unknown entity
  • Your product provides a partial solution to your customers problem
  • Your customer has had a bad experience with your company.

Without help, even the most experienced and successful sales executives will take a very long time trying to overcome these serious issues. One of the smartest sales techniques you can use to rapidly address these problems is to engage a partner that already works with your customer. The most strategic and lucrative sales I have personally closed, have been with partners that helped me in a variety of very valuable ways. For clarity, the term “partners” refers to other organizations that have an established and mutually beneficial relationship with your company, knowledge of the key products you sell, and where together you provide a stronger solution that’s more valuable for your customer than what can be provided individually.

Many sales executives are reluctant to work with partners because they fear it will slow down and complicate their sales campaigns. There was a time where I believed that too and was also afraid to relinquish any control, especially to someone outside of my own company. However, what I discovered is that working with partners accelerates your sales campaigns and helps you to substantially increase your sales. Here’s how.

Many businesses rely on third parties for help on critical projects where they lack in-house expertise. When one of your partners provides these crucial services, they can help you out in a big way. The first thing you must do is find out which partners work with your customers. Meet with them to determine the projects they are working on, the relationships they have, and how your products or services can help them be more successful while solving your customers particular problem. Because they already work with your customer on vital initiatives, there’s a pretty good chance they’ve built executive relationships that would likely take you years to develop. They’re going to know the key players and decision makers, will be aware of the political climate, and can also be a very credible and unbiased resource to recommend and positively influence the sale to your customer. Once you and your partner determine how your combined solution can help out your customer, you can develop and execute a joint sales strategy.

As you can tell, working with partners that endorse your products is an excellent way to overcome your major obstacles and increase your overall sales performance. Once you leverage the relationships, credibility, and established success of your partners, you will provide better solutions to your customers while accelerating and maximizing your sales.

If you’ve have had an experience where a partner helped you in your business, please share it by posting a comment below.

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  1. Was able to win a substantial opportunity working for Compaq with the City of Houston partnering with Microsoft. At the time, the City did not have the ability to email within Departments or a standard OS. Microsoft won the software side, and Compaq won the hardware and more importantly, the Services to implement.

    Another strong example of partnering was working for a System Integrator where we partnered with Cisco to win the Infrastructure for the Sear’s Data Centers and Call Centers. Without partnering as this article describes, the transaction would not have happened and Sear’s would not have received the value providing by the Cisco routers and the Services to connect their Data Centers.

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