What Price Are You Willing To Pay For Success?

Price for success family or careerDo you ever feel like you’re on a never ending treadmill and can’t get off? Does it seem like you spend nearly every waking moment either working or thinking about your job and those thoughts have become totally consuming? Have you neglected to spend an appropriate amount of quality time with your family and friends? To be truly happy and successful in life you have to have a good balance between work and play. Continue reading “What Price Are You Willing To Pay For Success?”

Negotiate Your Sale Like A Seasoned Pro

negotiating processMaking it through a complicated sale can be tough and typically requires a big investment of time and effort. There’s no way that every deal you work on will lead to a sale. In some industries, the closing rate for even the best sales executives is very small. Therefore, when you have a qualified customer with a real need, you not only need to close the deal, but also have to get the very best price and terms you can. Continue reading “Negotiate Your Sale Like A Seasoned Pro”

Sales For Dummies: Simple Tips To Increase Performance

sales process for dummiesIt never ceases to amaze me when I encounter a sales person that is unresponsive, unreliable or both. Do they have so much business and earn so much money that they can afford to ignore their new customers and prospects? Could they be too busy to return phone calls? Are they oblivious to the fact that their actions (or lack thereof) are a poor reflection on them and their business? Don’t they know that their behavior will have a negative future impact resulting in lousy referrals? Perhaps simply keeping their word and delivering what they promise on-time is just not important to them. Continue reading “Sales For Dummies: Simple Tips To Increase Performance”

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Super Salesman?

Successful sales attributesDuring many years of selling and working with plenty of other sales people, I have consistently seen common traits, behaviors, and sales techniques that the best sales executives possess and utilize. For all the top performers, the majority of these come naturally and only a few of them can be learned. To confirm my own personal observations, I asked over thirty sales leaders what they considered to be the most important attributes needed to succeed in sales. Here are the top 10: Continue reading “Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Super Salesman?”

How To Be A Top Sales Manager Starting Today

Sales manager training tipsManaging a successful sales team is no easy task. You have limited control over what your sales reps do, and yet your career and financial well being is largely based on their individual success and accomplishments. The best and most successful sales managers possess common traits and utilize proven techniques to enable them to consistently outperform their peers. Continue reading “How To Be A Top Sales Manager Starting Today”

How To Turn Your Worst Customers Into Your Best Ones

reference selling tipsOften times in sales, you inherit an exceptionally challenging customer that had a bad experience with your company, and therefore refuses to do any new business with you. Usually, 20% of your customers will generate 80% of your revenue, so your natural tendency is to focus your time and energy on your best customers; to keep them, nourish them, and encourage them to keep buying more from you. That’s great. Continue reading “How To Turn Your Worst Customers Into Your Best Ones”

How To Interview For A Job In Sales

Sales Interview TipsLanding a sales job with the right company can be the launch pad for a very successful and lucrative career. Having interviewed and hired many sales people myself, I’ve been amazed by what some candidates do and say during the interview process. There are certain things that the best candidates consistently do, and common traits sales managers are always looking for. Continue reading “How To Interview For A Job In Sales”